The Mission

VOR Technology’s mission is to be the nation’s leading provider of innovative solutions to enhance global space initiatives through its expert work in Quantum Communications (stationary & mobile),  Advanced Research and Rapid Development Engineering solutions.

VOR Technology
Core Values

VOR Technology and its team of skilled personnel are committed to upholding the following set of essential core values that serve to connect VOR’s mission support operations to its overall mission of bringing needed security and defense to the nation.

Our Corporate Identity

We will ensure that integrity, respect, and professionalism define our corporate identity.

We will consider our missions fulfilled when we have completed our best work, and we will continue to raise the standard to which we hold ourselves as we expand.

We will strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors by exceeding the expectations of our clients, partners, and leadership.

Our Customer Relations

We will build strong relationships with our clients through reliable support and strict commitment to their initiatives.

We will work diligently to provide our clients with tangible solutions to their needs and to ensure that our obligations are met with precision and consistency.

We will take accountability for the work we produce, the impact we make, and our treatment of others

Our Team

We will perform operations cohesively as one unit by fostering a team environment amongst our employees and leadership, as well as with the clients we support.

We will motivate our employees to do their best work by treating them with respect and acknowledging their accomplishments.

We will become acquainted with the talents, skills, and prior experience of each of our employees to assemble well-organized teams equipped for success.

Our Community Impact

We will remain cognizant of the greater impact of our efforts upon the communities we affect to ensure that we live up to the core values we have put in place to guide us.

We will conduct our operations with a strong sense of communal responsibility so that our work, as well as the individual behavior of our employees, to the extent that our corporate authority can regulate, does not adversely affect the interests of our communities.

We will establish a legacy of consistently contributing to the forward progression of our nation and the solutions that afford needed security for its citizens.

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