The Beginning

As the U.S. faces what appears to be insurmountable challenges to its space and cyber missions, innovative measures are required to counter new and rapidly emerging threats against our nation’s space assets. These threats seek to cause disruption and catastrophic damage to national security with far-reaching global impact. Our adversaries seek to exploit and attack our nation’s networks and critical infrastructure by capitalizing on vulnerabilities. In response to mounting threats, and to thwart cyber and space warfare actors, VOR Technology founder Anthony (Tony) Lawrence set out with a mission to start a company that would strategically address space and cyber security needs, with the intent of becoming a leader in defense of space and cyber warfare. Lawrence recognized a void in the tools and technologies required to protect our vast operational domains – including Land, Sea, Air, Information, and Space – and assembled a team of highly-skilled professionals with years of experience in space, cyber, engineering, defense, physical security, and intelligence to develop innovative technology and forward-thinking methodologies to support the various missions of VOR’s diverse clientele.

Since its founding in 2012, VOR Technology has expanded to employ over 200 employees and manage over 100 consultants and contractors. The company supports a range of both commercial and government clients, ranging from Department of Defense and the Department of Justice to agencies across the Intelligence Community(IC). VOR conducts operations in several U.S. states and territories, Washington D.C. and its greater metropolitan area, and Hanover, Maryland, where the company is headquartered.


The VOR Technology moniker was inspired by mythological narrations whose allegory parallels the company’s mission. In Norse mythology, the goddess Vör is known for her wisdom. Strongly compelled toward the pursuit of knowledge and truth, Vör provides an example of what it looks like when keen insight, judiciousness, and pragmatism combine to serve a greater purpose. Not unlike its inspiration and namesake, VOR Technology provides critical mission and operational support to its clients by employing wisdom, knowledge, and technical skills pertinent to its clients’ objectives to implement solutions that yield results.

The Logo

Ancient Norse mythology, history, and symbolism were combined to generate the design elements that went into creating the VOR Technology logo. The three lines on 5 the left aspect of the logo that complete the signature “V” shape represent technology. More specifically, these lines are a nod to the technology of the Vikings, who were regarded as the most technologically advanced people of their time in historical Norse anecdotes, known for their feats in trade and architecture. The hues of blue in the logo represent wisdom, depth, confidence, intelligence, and trust.

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