The future of global security lies in proactive defense of cyber operations and space missions. VOR Technology is a leader in the research and development of solutions for cyber intelligence and space initiatives thanks to their highly-skilled team who provide forward-thinking and technologically advanced expertise in these fields. This growing team includes software and aeronautical engineers, spaceport and airport security staff, and cyber security experts. Currently VOR provides cyber intelligence solutions, security, and engineering support to the Government and Military, along with commercial clients.


Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Information are the primary military operations domains. Unlike the other domains, Cyberspace (Electromagnetic Spectrum) and Space are infinite in nature. As we venture out into the Cosmos so will our wireless communications. Soon wireless long-haul communications will tether human colonies across the solar system. This data will be transiting millions of miles with little to no encryption and/or physical security. VOR is researching advanced technologies such as Quantum Communications to enable large data sets to travel long distances securely and in a short period of time. VOR recognizes that entrance into the space domain by adversaries is constant and methods to destroy our nation’s space systems are becoming more advanced. Thus, the need for innovative technology and methodology such as Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and terrestrial communications monitoring and analysis are essential. VOR’s team of PNT engineers work extensively to ensure the functionality and procedural integrity of PNT-related assets, including precise location, elevation, direction and speed, across the Intelligence Community.


Since the beginning of time the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Cyberspace) has existed in harmony with Time and Space. This simple fact is commonly overlooked. Any electrical device that transmits, receives, or stores data is a physical conduit to Cyberspace. These means can be remotely accessed and exploited. This day in age it is impossible to protect your information from Hackers, State-Actors, Non-State Actors or Unidentified Un-Attributable Cyber Actors (UUCA). Most network exploitation activities go unnoticed. VOR counters malicious exploitation efforts by assisting the government with full-spectrum Cyber Training, Computer Network Defense (CND), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and Computer Network Attack (CNA) missions. In addition, VOR Cyber security professionals and instructors provide hands-on training and expertise in Active Exploitation (hacking), Network Engineering, Network Defense and Malware/Forensics Analysis.


Contrary to popular opinion, The National Security Agency (NSA) and other government intelligence agencies goals are to protect the United States of America and stop those that would do use harm. VOR works closely with government partners to bring the technological development speed of “Silicon Valley” to the fight against terrorism. We have firsthand experience “Hacking the Enemy” in combat environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan. We provide time sensitive reporting to our nations leaders to aide them in diplomatic efforts with foreign countries. We deliver NSA certified cyber training to the entire US military so that our nation can maintain it’s dominance in the war in Cyberspace. Our Cyber Intelligence products and services, allow the government to exploit enemy networks without detection; defend friendly networks/systems; and if directed, cripple our enemies in cyberspace.


VOR provides tactical systems and software engineering support to clients requiring defense solutions as well as proactive protection systems and technology. The support to clients includes technical analysis, systems analysis, RF spectrum analysis, electronics, electronics maintenance support, range integration, and threat simulation for government clients. VOR’s team of defense support comprises Systems Engineers, Positioning Navigation Engineers, and Timing Engineers, who work diligently to provide a stable and secure infrastructure for the Cyber/Defense mission that addresses threats posed to the nation’s ground, air, and sea operations with preventative and corrective solutions.

Homeland Security

The number of terroristic attacks on our nation and abroad have increased dramatically over the years with agencies scrambling to pinpoint vulnerabilities that provide opportunities for adversaries. VOR considers counter-terrorism a critical part of its mission and provides vulnerability analysis services in support of homeland security for government clients and the nation at-large. VOR has 100+ employees directly supporting DHS objectives by developing and utilizing meticulously planned screening activities, layered security programs, and prevention and response techniques.

Electronic Warfare

Quantum Computing, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Li-Fi (Light Fidelity, Wi-fi delivered through light waves) have redefined Electronic Warfare as we know it. Modeling and simulation, systems and software testing, data analysis, risk management, integration, and test methodology are some of the tools within VOR’s arsenal used to strategically thwart adversarial attacks. VOR’s diverse team of Systems, Software, Positioning Navigation, and Timing Engineers provide unique engineering and analytics to the clients, ensuring EW effectiveness, and technical integrity.


VOR provides support for the security, protection, and function of communication systems nationwide. VOR’s work includes the development, monitoring, and management of secure communication systems; network architecture, engineering, and analysis; and systems integration. Cutting edge Mobile Quantum Communications (MQC) research conducted at VOR will ensure secure and effective communications for our nations leaders.

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