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VOR Technology recognizes the importance of building and maintaining a work environment that promotes teamwork, comradery, innovation, and personal and professional development for its employees. For this reason, VOR’s executives make it a priority to ensure that VOR’s team members know that their individual goals for improvement and advancement in their respective areas of expertise are not only acknowledged, but encouraged, by VOR’s leadership. Moreover, VOR works to reinforce to its employees its commitment to the communities it serves through advocacy for the betterment of environmental, professional, and security factors that affect the population.

Upon joining the VOR Technology team, you can expect to expand and utilize your own unique set of skills and experience to make a nationally-felt impact alongside a company that values you for who you are and appreciates your contributions.


VOR CONNECTS employees from its offices throughout the nation to provide support for its missions and for the people who bring its objectives to fruition. Corporate teaming events, meetings that bring together employees across locations, in-house training seminars ahead of missions, and planning sessions are all a part of VOR’s efforts to ensure that its team members are equipped to produce their best work and inspired to allow their creativity and innovation to flourish.


VOR SPONSORS employee-centered events, from holiday office parties to team luncheons to joint travel activities, such as the annual DEF CON Conference that VOR’s team attends, to allow the talented minds that make up VOR’s employ to become acquainted with one another and to build rapport between its vast number of employees, who occupy offices in numerous states and regions. VOR’s leadership knows that career satisfaction is often tied to a healthy work-life balance. The opportunities VOR provides for socialization among its team are therefore designed with empowerment and well-roundedness in mind.


VOR INVESTS in the academic, social, and economic futures of the communities in which it operates. Its objective is to support the residents of these communities as they pursue their own professional goals because VOR’s leadership cares about the communities in which the company operates and understands that a community can only ascend to the level of success of the people who form it. To satisfy this objective, VOR seeks opportunities for outreach, such its outreach to local youth to inform them of the ins and outs of the industries VOR occupies and the critical importance of those fields to security of the nation.

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