VOR Hosts Governor Hogan

On 15 March 2018, VOR was proud to host Governor Larry Hogan along with Secretary of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, Kelly Schultz, and County Executive Allan Kittleman for an engaging session about challenges and advantages of small businesses in Maryland. The luncheon took place at VOR headquarters located in Hanover, MD.

Chamber President Leonardo McClarty opened the session with thanking Governor Hogan, Secretary Schultz, County Executive Kittleman and other guests for attending the event. After, the session dived into a conversation about attractions Maryland offers along with its surrounding states that attracts entrepreneurs across the globe. Governor Hogan shared his personal admiration of Maryland’s opportunities as a small business guy and entrepreneur in his previous years and really believe that small businesses are the secret gems that makes Maryland a shining state.

After having lunch, Chamber members deepened the discussion by asking Governor Hogan about current and developing issues and policies around apprenticeships, STEM programs, tax credits, and the new Maryland Healthy Working Families Law, also known as Mandatory Paid Sick Leave. The Governor provided great insight about these topics and promoted conversations among attendees to understand how these topics have impacted businesses and Maryland as a state.

The Governor shared efforts and initiatives that are showing promising results. “ Governor talked at length about several different programs started by his administration including EARN Maryland, a state-funded, competitive workforce development grant program, Excel Maryland, an initiative to Grow Life Sciences and Cyber Startups, and the Youth Pilot Apprenticeship Program which has seen success in two counties and will soon be state wide”.

The session was very informative and engaging. VOR was honored to host a great session and very thankful for all the attendees that made it a success.

A special “thank you” is extended to Governor Hogan for his unconditional support to small businesses and Ops Consulting for its assistance with locating a venue to hold the event.


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VOR Hosts Governor Hogan

On 15 March 2018, VOR was proud to host Governor Larry Hogan along with Secretary of Labor,…